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2014-06-13 12:12 pm

ugh so i just read

...A comment on a CBS article. Specifically this one. It's about how there was an outbreak of measles because people didn't get their children vaccinated. It's really tragic.

But what's more disturbing is this one guy's comment by OWLDOG: My college course paleontologist, a doctorate, (paleontologists are experts in evolution) upon questioning, once inferred that in the long run vaccines are more likely to weaken the human gene pool against infectious diseases, than strengthen it.

He was not a anti-vaxer.
I wanted to reply to him but couldn't. Here was my typed-up response:

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2013-10-15 11:01 pm
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Yuuka Kazami icons

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2013-08-23 07:35 pm

sanae kochiya icons

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2013-07-31 10:54 pm
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My Brother is a Creeper

First of all, I'm not a feminist by many's standards. I don't really consider myself to be one. Yet, apparently I am by the standards of my family. Anyway, here goes. Let me tell you about my younger brother, who is a legitimate creep.

My brother. Let's call him Jim. Jim was a quiet boy who was very much into playing interactive online games and watching anime throughout high school. He often would head right home to simply go on his computer and continue his latest quest online, only participating in after school activities when he was actually made to do so by our parents. That is to say, he wasn't very social, especially when it came to girls. This even persisted throughout his early years of college. Until he discovered the instructional videos on youtube of how to approach and/or pick up woman.

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2012-12-13 03:04 am


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2012-12-13 02:57 am


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2012-12-13 02:53 am

Icons yet again

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2012-12-13 02:49 am


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2012-12-13 02:41 am


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2012-10-19 06:54 pm
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Fic for Turtle :D

Title: i don't have a title sorry
Canon: Touhou
Pairing: Murasa and Ichirin
Rating: PG

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2012-04-14 07:08 pm
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Opt-Out Post.

If you don't wish to RP with me or my muses for whatever reason, please drop a comment here! This post also doubles as a HMD for any of these muses, too.