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Fic for Turtle :D

Title: i don't have a title sorry
Canon: Touhou
Pairing: Murasa and Ichirin
Rating: PG


Murasa knew that was neither a statement of the obvious nor a complaint. It was an excuse given as to why Ichirin had removed her veil this early afternoon, and why her ankles were soaking in a basin of cool water. It was one of the few moments where she allowed herself to be casual, to figuratively let her hair down. She shrugged shortly after she spoke, motioning the captain to join her. Murasa rubbed the back of her neck, sighing and kicking off her sandals as she sat down and slipped her feet into the water. Leaning back, she fanned herself with her cap. "...Yeah."

There was not much to say between them. A hot, humid afternoon did that to people. Well, either that or made them irritable. The ghost stole a glance at her, though. She could trace the curve of her back underneath plain cotton robes, clinging here and there to her body by sweat. Hot, indeed. Her gaze shifted, moving upwards to the base of her neck, to her collar bone, to her lips that were already near her own.

...Lips that were already near her own? Murasa blinked.

"You're staring."

"I..." Caught. But she couldn't bring herself to back away. It should be a sin in of itself of how Ichirin seemed to lure her.

Fabric rustled, followed by a huff. Ichirin was already standing up. "Honestly." That was all that needed to be said to get her point across as she turned away, unfortunately a little too quickly. Ichicin was not the most graceful of the Buddhists here, and that aspect combined with the fact she hadn't waited for the water to dry off her feet was a simple enough reason for her to slip. Slip, but not hit the wooden floor, for sturdy arms caught her as she fell.

The captain could have sworn she felt Ichirin's heart beat faster not from the fact that she had a near trip, but because she was now cradling her. Oh. Murasa leaned in, allowing herself an obvious smirk. "You're staring."
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awww i thought it would be like

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